Anna Rita

Anna Rita was born in Rome, from Enrico and Giuliana. She has a brother, Paolo, eleven years older. Both sides of her family had Tuscan descent, from the provinces of Lucca, by Giuliana’s side, and Pisa, from Enrico’s. Briefly after Anna’s birth, due to Enrico’s work as a flight attendant, her parents decided to move from Rome to the busier Northern Italy, in the city of Brescia. 

They finally moved back to Tuscany in 1977, when Enrico retired from his work up above the clouds, and took the property of an Hotel in Florence city center. Anna studied at Liceo Alberghiero high school in Montecatini Terme, where she could take professional training courses for the hotelier business, as well as curriculum subjects. By the age of fourteen, she was already heping her father and older brother at Florence’s Hotel, taking care of the Reeption and Reservation management. High school studies and a fair amount of practice at the Hotels’ Reception made her fluent in five languages before her twenties.

In the end of the ’80s, she met Romano, and after marriage, she took a brief pause to raise their childrens, Matteo and Alessia.
In 1995, together with the rest of the Family, she enthusiastically endorsed the project of restoration of the Family farm in Badia Pozzeveri. She designed part of the accomodation areas, the Reception and most of the interiors. Thanks to her experience in the field of accomodation, she introduced an efficient the booking system and advised the opening of the Tavern. Since 1999, she joifully takes care of the Farm-holiday accomodations, the Kitchen and the Guided Tastings. 

Anna Rita, or simply Anna, thinks of herself as an inclusive, dynamic and resourceful individual. She has a passion for travelling and, much more than she’d like to admit, for romantic comedies. Even in her spare time, she rarely spends time doing sedentary activities. Despite that, looking closely, one could find in certain rooms of the Farm, small pencil drawings, depicting Tuscan landscapes and towns, hand-signed on the bottom left: “Anna Rita”.