Cellar Tour and Guided Tasting

Cellar Door & Tasting Table

…in the Heart of Lucca Countryside, Northern Tuscany.

A nice glass of wine can be enjoyed during a romantic dinner, at a dinner party with good friends, or even in solitude, with a good book. A bit of a cliche√® maybe, but certainly true. It doesn’t take a connoisseur to tell a fine wine from a poorly made one. But we think that, to appreciate that glass at the very best, there’s a time and a place: its Home. Surrounded by the land where it grew, in the Cellar where it fermented, in company of the lady or the gentleman that created it.

A glass of wine has much more to tell than the scents emanating from the glass, or the Varietes that make the blend. Follow us to our Cellar Door, and we’ll be glad to tell you about the work behind our craft, the philosophy underlying the choices we make during the winemaking process, the concerns and the rewards that every season brings….

….And the pride to be here, now, watching your smiling in front of us, as you listen to our story.

A wine tasting involves more that just the five senses. Tasting a glass of fine wine should enrich your mind, and warm your hart. To take part to a Guided Tasting in company of one of us from the Romani Family, please check out our Reservation Page below: