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What are the prices of your shipping service?

Before completing an order in our Online Store, all inclusive delivery prices will be shown on the Checkout Page. Such prices vary depending on the recipient’s address. They are calculated automatically keeping into consideration the following factors:
a – Delivery Address
b – Weight
c – Presence of Alcohol in one or more items in the Order.
d- Number of Items
This was done in order to make any order more customizable, and minimizing the delivery expenses in every case.

Which Courier Company operates the delivery?

We operate our delivery service with the help of different trusted Couriers, depending on States, Regions or Provinces of delivery. Any information, including a tracking code, is generated after we deliver the order to the Courier. We are currently unable to tell in advance which Company will perform the delivery service, but we can run a simulation rather quickly. If you are interested, please get in contact on the form below.

How long does it takes to receive your products?

Again, delivery times vary greatly depending on the recipient’s address. All of our products are shipped from our Farm. Here’s a brief list on the estimated times of delivery based on Country.
– ITALY (mainland): 3/5 workdays.
– ITALY (islands and remote locations): 5/7 workdays.
– EU (BENELUX, Germany, France): 5/7 workdays.
– EU (Others): 5/10 workdays.
– United Kingdom.: 7/10 workdays.
– United States of America: 15/20 workdays.
If, for any reason, such estimated values were to change significantly upon the time of your order, we would contact you.

Is there any extra I have to pay to receive our products?

No, all prices are final and include Taxes, Custom Fees, and extras for remote locations (if necessary). In the unlikely event that any additional cost is presented to you upon delivery, please let us know within 3 working days and we will take care to rectify the mistake. Please note: extra fees might be applied in case of Incorrect Address provided at the time of checkout or sustained Failure to Delivery due to recipient’s absence. Both cases violate the Terms and Conditions of Sale contract, therefore the extra expenses would be on your part.
To avoid that, we recommend to simply check your address twice and keep track of the order on the Courier Page!

How do I keep track of my order?

A tracking code is automatically generated at the time of your order, and sent to your email address once the products leave our Farm. Please note that you might have to check your SPAM folder.

How do you pack your products for shipping?

Wine, Liquors and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are very fragile Products, both in terms of packaging (glass bottle break easily) and content (as sunlight, heat and excessive cold affect their taste). Therefore, we take care to pack and ship our products in a sturdy stryfoam box, to insulate them from the heat and cold. This also prevents them from breaking during transportation. Under certain conditions (like during exceptional heatwaves) we may delay

Did we forget something?

This FAQ is meant to be a quick and easy to use tool to answer common questions. For every detail about our Online Store, please visit our Terms and Conditions of Sale page, or simply write a line on the form below!

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