Farm Resort

Bedroom close-up

Our Farm Resort covers an area of roughly three hectares, surrounded by a little pinewood, vineyards on opposite sides, and the park.

The Farm of Badia Pozzeveri was originally erected as a shelter for Pilgrims on the Via Francigena Route. Since then, over the Centuries it has been ampliated, becoming the vibrating heart of the little town in the province of Lucca. In fact, ”le Tenute” is a collective name given by the local people over the years to a complex of five buildings, belonging to the 15th, 19th and 20th Century, and consisting of the ”heart” of the Farm of Badia Pozzeveri.

the Little Pinewood
the Little Pinewood in front of the Old Villa

In the end of 1996, we decided to transform ”le Tenute” in a resort, placed in the most beautiful area of the Farm, in front of the Cellar. Our main concern was the safekeeping of the invaluable architectural diversity, so we opted for a conservative restoration process. The task was, given the age of the building, all but easy. It took us two entire years, then in 1999 the Resort was ready to open to the public.

A little home in Lucca’s Countryside

Patio in front of the Farmer's House
The Patio and the Farmer’s House

We divided the Resort in total of twelve spacious, comfortable rustic Apartments, a Reception and a Tavern. Each and every apartment , in the spirit of exalting the architectural value of the place, is a little different from the other. Plenty of unique details like wooden ceilings, stone walls, centennial doors and furnitures and even fully-functional fireplaces. Every corridor, every corner, containing just a page of a long history book.

Our Resort, today like seven houndred years ago, offers rustic and familiar hospitality, serenity and peace surrounded by open fields, vineyards and woods.

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