First born son of Anna Rita and Romano, Matteo was born in 1990 in Florence. He grew up in Montecatini Terme, and since he was old enough to walk, he used to follow his father and grandfather through the vineyard of the Farm of Badia Pozzeveri.

In the end of the 2000’s, while finishing his studies in Montecatini and Firenze, he started to work full time in the Family’s farm. In the first years, his tasks were taking care of the manteincance of the Resort area, landing a hand in the Vineyard and the Cellar, and storekeeping. With time, his passion for viticulture an winemaker grew ever stronger, and he obtained the third-level Sommelier certification from the Italian Sommelier school (FISAR).

Today, he mainly takes care of the Wine and Olive Oil production, together with the Cantiniere, Alessandro, and advised by our Oenologist and Agronomist. He is also in charge of the products’ distribution and post sale-services, and he has designed the current version of the Farm’s Website. Last but not least, he’s responsible of the Vineyard and Cellar tours. He personally escorts visitors and small groups throught all year, enthusiastically exchanging knowledge,information and a few jokes with visitors from all around the world.

Matteo says of himself that he always felt more like a Gyro Gearloose than a Ludwig von Drake, and he believes his best trait to be his communication skills. He likes pulp movies, hicking trips, and a fair variety of music genres. He plays the bass and the electric guitar, albeit quite rarely and only when there’s no one is around listening.