Our Products & Store

Our Farm produces a total of six Labels of fine Wines, a Dessert Wine, a distilled Liquor and Extra Virgin Olive oil. All of our products are entirely cultivated, transformed and bottled in the Farm itself. Every step of the production process is either operated or directly supervised by us of the Family, with the help and advice of our Cantiniere, our Oenologist and our Agronomist. All of our products are available here, in our Online Store.

Currently, we are able to safely and quickly deliver our products to every Country of the European Union, Great Britain, United States of America and Brazil. Also, to maximize the comfort of your Online Shopping experience, we decided to make every order completely customizable: there are no minum order for any destination, and any product can be mixed-and-matched as referred. Just as like as a real Cellar Door.

Cellar Door and Tasting Table

Finally, once the purchase is completed on the Store page, your Products are taken from our Cellar, carefully packed in weather-resistant stryfoam boxes and delivered to our trusted Courier within 48 hours.

To learn about every detail about our Online Store functionalies, features, prices, taxes, please read our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Also, please consider us of the Family at your complete disposal: we would be more than glad to assist and advise you in person. You may write us any time for further information.