Romano was born in 1962 from Maria Grazia and Argante, in the town of Montecatini Terme, between Pisa and Florence. At the time, both of his parents were running a rapidly-developing factory of ladies’ footwear, specialized in braided leather shoes and mocassin, founded by Argante and his two brothers. Romano spent his youth in the Thermal City, following his father at every opportunity, wherever his work would bring him: local tanners and high-fashion events, storage facilities and big cities malls all around Europe. When Argante takes the property of the Farm, eighteen-years-old Romano is by his side, eager to help and assist. By the mid ’80s, he graduates in Economy and Commerce at Florence, and decides to take part to the father’s businesses. For the following years, he supervises distribution and administration of both the Factory and the Farm.

More than just Vines and Barrels

It is by his own initiative that the Farm of Badia Pozzeveri was restored to its original purpose of place of Hospitality. Built as a shelter and hostel for the Pilgrim on the Via Francigena, the architectural and historical heritage of the Farm was worthy of being admired by everyone, and most of all, to be lived in person. To him, the Farm couldn’t be just a Cellar for making wine, but a true place of Tuscan Culture. That thought motivated him and his wife, Anna Rita, to render homage to the heritage of the place and creating the Farm-Holiday Resort, which opened in 1999. Thanks to the rapid success and fueled by the ever growing interest of the visitors, the Tavern was opened just three years after. Since then, every year, the Farm welcomes many visitors form all around the World.

In the begininning of the 2000’s, Romano also took care of restructuring the vineyards and the Cellar, downsizing both of them in favor of an higher quality of the production. Three labels were created to take advantage of the great diversity of the grape varieties. Since 2004, Vermentino and Chardonnay are bottled as single-varietal wines. Advised by the Agronomist and the Oenologist, he also supervises the cultivation of Olive trees, corn, soy and vegetables on 160 hectares of land.

Romano describes himself as a curious and attentive observer, and an ever-enraptured admirer of the nature surrouding him. He loves travelling and learning about new places, and has an hobby for cooking. He is also an insatiable reader, enjoying many subjects, among which modern history and aviation.