Rubber Boots and Mocassins

“Rubber Boots and Mocassins” is the Official Blog of Tenute di Badia. Personally drawn up by us from the Family, with a little contribution of our friends and colleagues from the Agricoltural, Food&Drink and Turism fields. A good way for us to share experiences and insightful details and, hopefully, a pleasant read for anyone interested in the Tuscan Farm Life.

… and what about the Title?

We choose a somewhat unusual title, because we believe our daily routine is a bit unusual itself.

Figure out. Its early in the morning and a light dew covers every blade of grass. It’s time to visit the Fields, so, better grab a pair of water resistant, heavy duty, easy to clean rubber boots. Then, it’s eleven o’clock and we’re waiting for visitors for a cellar tour. Time to change clothes, make good use of the comb, and wear a nice pair of mocassins. The day goes by, afternoon comes, and our Agronomist comes to visit and take samples of soil for analysis. Heading back to the fields, again.

“….Where did I leave my rubber boots, again?

And so on, day after day, pretty much all year around. The daily routine, or lack thereof, of a Winemaker in Tuscany. And such a simple, daily action like changing one’s shoes can tell the difference between a lifestyle and another. Those who choose this occupation have learn, over time and experience, how to enjoy both the quietness of the countriside and the fuss of the crowded events. Sure, it is hard if not impossible to enjoy the comfort of repetition, but for most of us, there’s probably not such thing. Afterall we are just following the journey of our Tuscan fine Products: growing in the humble countryside, to then shine in Restaurants, Shops and Hotels in the World’s biggest cities.

Blog Categories

We divided this Blog in a few categories, and new articles will be published in the relative section. Every article will begin with an indication on what kind of footwear we have on at the time of writing, hoping to get a chance, from time to time, to write in a comfortable pair of slippers.