Sustaintable Farming, Today

This Blog Archive Page collects our articles about our view on Sustaintable Farming, how we try to improve our methods, and how we have changed over time. Back when Argante Romani took the property of the Farm, in 1980, concepts such as ”Eco-sustaintability” and “Responsible Farming” where hardly understood in Tuscany. Today, they are among the most discussed topics on our Newspapers and Social Medias, and the main objects of research in our Universities, in the fields of Agronomy, Biology and Chemistry.

We like to think that the “old Italian Farmer’s lifestyle” makes a picture-perfect example of environmental sustaintability, minimal-impact resource management and strict localization of the supply-chain. And we are staunch supporters of the belief that actions can be more inspiring then words.

In some small way, we’d like to keep alive and hand down our ”old folks” life teachings, while taking everyday our steps to the future.