the Farm

View over the Tenute surrounded by the Vineyards

The Farm of Badia Pozzeveri sinks its root in more than one thousand years of social and cultural History. It has seen times of expansion and growth, as well as abandonment and poverty. It was even turned into a hospital during the late Middle-Age war between Florence and Lucca. Not just that, but even the region’s micro-climate and terrain morphology have changed significantly since then. It’s enough to say that until only three hundred years ago, the Farm used to arise on the shores of a Lake.

the Old Villa in front of the Pinewood and the Reception

Moreover, on this cultural and social substrate stands the human experience, care and effort of us from the Romani Family. For fourty years already, we have been taking care of the Coltures, the Vineyards, the Winery, the Farm Resort and the Tavern. Our respect for the Farm’s History, together with our willpower and determination, make up the spirit of our estabilishment.

How to define who we are

We believe that to define the Identy of Tenute di Badia, it is necessary to keep into consideration the Farm’s history, it’s agricoltural and productive activity, and the our own, personal story.

This is why we have divided this section in three separate pages. Each one, individually, is not suffiecient to explain the complexity of the Farm’s identity. All together, maybe they can give you, dear Visitor, a clearer picture.

…and what we do.

Since 1983 we grow, craft and bottle fine Wines, both Whites and Reds, belonging to the appellation of Montecarlo D.O.C. and Toscana I.G.T.
In addition to our Wine production, which today counts six different Labels, we produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet Dessert Wine and Grappa.
We started distributing our wines exclusively from our cellar door, but with time and effort, we managed to reach Restaurants, Wine Bars, NightClubs, Hotels and Wine Shops. As most winemakers, we started on the local scale of our Province, then expanded to the rest of our Region, to Italy, and finally, to foreign Countries. Today, We distribute or Wines and Products in eleven different Countries.

In 2014 we started to sell our products online on a Online Store platform. Over time we defined our own, detailed procedure to ensure the best browsing, checkout and delivery procedure to all of our Visitors from around the World. Since March 2020, our own online shopping platform is available directly here on our Website.

Since 1999 Tenute di Badia is open as a Farm-Holiday Resort and Agriturismo. With the restoration process of three different ancient buildings of the Villa Lucchese in the heart of the Farm, we realized fourteen rural-style apartments. Every year, the Resort gives hospitality to Couples, Families and small Groups travelling in the Tuscan Countryside.
Our fields of expertise in terms of hospitality are, naturally Wine-Tourism and Heritage, Historical & Cultural Tourism.

Since 2003 of old Cellar welcomes our Guests or small\medium-sized Groups from all around the World.
We take pride in organizing Farm-to-Table Lucchese Meals, Tastings and Cooking Classes. Every meal is prepared in our Kitchen, utilizing exclusively local products: some of them are very well known, some others belong to our grandfather’s heritage and classify as Family secrets.

We also organize many Food&Wine Events, and we are always ready to welcome travellers, and wine-enthusiasts in general for a Guided Tour & Tasting. It is possible to make a reservation for a Tour & Tasting right here.